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SSM Health's therapy and rehabilitation services are designed to help patients overcome the physical and psychological challenges associated with disabling illnesses and injuries. Our team includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, social workers, and a diverse range of therapists.

Through comprehensive, individualized medical and rehabilitative services our therapists help people return to work, daily activities and play. We also help your children achieve new skills, growth and development. The goal of our departments is to allow you or your child to reach a maximum level of functioning. We practice hands on, evidence based therapy to provide you with the best in care.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

​​​​​​Beginning a rehabilitation program as soon as possible after a stroke can help you achieve optimal recovery.

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When are Therapy Services Needed?

Beginning a rehabilitation program as soon as possible after a stroke, diagnosis of disability, or injury is very important. To assist in recovery, an intensive therapy program helps people regain function, relearn skills, and enables individuals to reach optimal recovery. You may benefit from SSM Health's rehabilitation services if you are recovering from any of the following:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehab program can help you heal and strengthen your heart through the structured use of exercise, education and counseling.

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